A 1:1 two-hour intensive that will set the foundation your new site will be built on and get alll your website Q’s answered.


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 If I had to guess I’d say you started your business so that you could finally do what you love but now you feel stuck, right?


 Your business is fairly new so you can’t justify investing in a designer but …

You know you can use some help with your site because right now you just keep adding to it and it’s taken on a Frankenstein look to it, with so many directions you can go, things you can do, and no clear strategy to it!

You want your soon to be tribe to know what you do in a way that is unique & differentiates you from the crowd but how do you move from website vision to execution?

Squarespace Website Coaching

 With some guidance!

I’ll help you plan a site that's aligned with your business goals —even if you’ve already tried to figure it out yourself! 🎉


 Strategic Website Coaching

A two-hour one-on-one website coaching session so that you can gain clarity on your site strategy and get unstuck!


Website Coaching

  Client Questionnaire

  2- hour 1:1 live call with me

  Review your current website and give suggestions based on your goals

  Sitemap creation aka the roadmap to your site

  Clear action plan for you to improve your site based on my feedback and your new sitemap

  Ask any and all of your questions during our 2 hour 1:1 call

  Squarespace functionality help




Do I have to have/want a site built on Squarespace? . . .

Not necessarily! We will be going over the strategy behind your new site, web design best practices based on your business goals, and creating a sitemap during the call. I won't be building a custom site for you so you don't need to have Squarespace! If you do have a Squarespace site then even better! You'll be able to ask me any of your Squarespace specific questions.

Does this include a custom site build? . . .

Nope! Website coaching does not include a custom website built by me or any hands-on help with any tech (transferring domains, setting up Squarespace account, etc..).

What prep work do I have to do before our call?. . .

You'll have a client questionnaire to fill out before our call and I'd recommend you write all your questions down so you're ready to go when we hop on our call.

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 Your Investment: $250 USD