Questions? No worries! I put together a list of FAQ's that might help. 

+ Is Squarespace right for me?

In general, if you are a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, photographer, or blogger then Squarespace is a good fit! If you operate a fairly large company, need forums capabilities, sell a lot of products online (200+), or want to create a membership site (with clients needing individual logins) then Squarespace might not be your best option.

Here are some reasons I would recommend Squarespace to you.:

  • You are not very tech savy
  • You don’t want to spend time worrying about making sure your site is up-to-date and secure
  • Your business does not revolve around selling a huge amount of online products
  • Want an all in one platform that allows for customization
  • Love the idea of having a dedicated 24/7 support team

I actually wrote a whole blog post about this that you can check out here.

+ What if I already have a website, can I move it to Squarespace?

Of course! After moving your existing site to Squarespace you can either connect or transfer your domain to Squarespace.

+ When I move to Squarespace does my content move automatically?

Not automatically but it is possible to move most content!

+ How much does Squarespace cost?

You will pay either $12 or $18 a month (depending on the plan), which also includes web hosting. With this year plan you also get a free domain and professional g-suite business account free for a year!

+ Can I keep my current domain?

Yea! You can either connect or transfer your domain to Squarespace.

+ How much time commitment is required on my part?

I know you’re a busy biz owner so that's why I created the one week branding, two week website, and three week branding + website packages. Most of the time commitment from you will come from our consult call, client questionnaire, creating your Pinterest inspiration board, revisions, and putting together your website copy/images.

Why do I have a client questionnaires and a consult call? Well I want to uncover who you are and how we will create the vision you have of your business. I want to step into your shoes and learn about your ideal client, your goals, the brands/websites that inspire you, and more.

You will pretty much be done with your side of things before we even start the project. Once we agree we are a good fit and take care of contract signing and such, I will be sending you a Welcome Package that includes all your instructions regarding the client questionnaire and Pinterest inspiration board. Once you finish the questionnaire we will hop on a call to make sure we are both on the same page regarding the direction we will be taking your brand.

+ How are you able to offer a one week branding, two week website, and three week branding + website package?

Great question! I make sure that I only have one to max two big projects at once, so that my focus for that time is serving you! There are a lot of designers that take on multiple projects at once (think 5+) so getting a website completed takes much longer.

Keep in mind that the timelines doesn’t include the time it will take you to complete your client questionnaire + Pinterest inspiration board and putting together your website content. We will discuss a project start date and if there is any specific date you need it launched by then make sure to mention that so we get started on time.

+ Do you offer website maintenance?

Nope. My goal is to give you all the tools necessary in order for you to be able to manage all the back-end stuff. Don’t worry if your not very tech-savy, we will be having a one hour live website walkthrough where I will show you how to manage your new site.

If you do need to add pages in the future then you can reach out when that time comes and I will be more than happy to help out!