The turnaround time is one week so it’s important that you are available and respond in a timely manner throughout the process


#1: Defining Your Business

Your logo, visual elements, color scheme, and words are all part of the mental picture you want customers to have when they think of your brand. An important part of the design process is for me to understand what your vision is, so that I can better translate that into your brand identity. You will be completing a detailed questionnaire as well as Pinterest inspiration board that will set the stage for the emotions, colors, style, and feel your brand will represent.

#2: One-on-one Call

One word. Communication. Before I start the creative process I want to make sure we are both onboard, regarding the direction of your brand, so we will be hopping on a call to review your questionnaire and Pinterest inspiration board.

#3: Mood-board time

By this point you have provided me with all the information I need in order to create a beautiful and professional brand that connects with your clients. Based on the questionnaire, Pinterest inspiration board, and your feedback I will be creating a mood board. This mood board will serve as the inspiration behind your logo design, fonts, and color palette.

You may be asking yourself what a mood board even is.  Well, simply put, a mood board is a collection of images that help a business better understand and communicate their brand identity visually.

#4: Primary Logo Sketch

The centerpiece for your branding board and brand identity is your logo so it only makes sense to start here. I will be sketching out different versions of what will become your custom logo and provide you with three designs to choose from (2 rounds of revisions on your chosen concept).  Once you fall in love with the final design we will be moving to the color palette selection!

#5: Branding Board

There is a strategy that goes behind creating a truly cohesive brand identity so I appreciate all the input you will give throughout the process. By this time we will be a little more than half way to your new branding release day, I will then create the other crucial elements to your brand identity like the alternative logo, fonts, favicon, graphic elements, etc..

#6: Congrats, release day is here!

After you’ve approved all the elements that make up your branding board we will officially have completed your brand identity process! I will deliver all final files (PNG, AI, and EPS form) via Google Drive. Although our time executing this project together has come to an end, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just want to run something by me.

**A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot in the project queue and get started. The remaining 50% will be due when the project is finished but before the final files are released. Any additional third party fees will be discussed prior and then added to the final invoice, i.e. fonts, stock images, domain, hosting, etc. All prices are in USD.**