The Only Reason Your Squarespace Template Matters


If you read my “Why The Brine Template Family Is The Best Squarespace Template” blog then it seems like I’m contradicting myself by saying there's only one reason your Squarespace template actually matters but I’m definitely not!

Let me explain …

Like I’ve said before, you shouldn’t base your template choice on which template matches your industry.

For example: If you are in the health and fitness industry don’t head over to the top categories section and choose any template in that category. I see why this might sound counterintuitive but its always best to choose your template based on functionality not the design on the demo template.

Squarespace Template Categories

Wait, are you new here? I wrote these blog posts to help you out in your biz:


That’s basically the only reason your Squarespace template should matter to you!


If you look at this template comparison chart by Paige Brunton you will notice that there’s a ton of functionalities to look at:


  • Overall flexibility

  • Mobile flexibility

  • Commerce flexibility

  • Fixed navigation

  • Additional navigation

  • Search in navigation

  • Social in navigation

  • Banner images

  • Sidebar

  • Special blog feature

  • Index pages

  • Special functions

Demo pages on Squarespace

Once you pick your template (based on the functionality ;) ) then I’d highly recommend just deleting all the demo pages so that you can build a site from scratch. Building a site that supports your site strategy will be way more beneficial to your business so don’t be afraid to start from zero.

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