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A few years back I was a Marketing student in college and had just landed a great internship at one of the departments at my university. From one day to the next I was basically given the opportunity of running all things digital marketing for the department!

One of my first projects was to create a blog for the department, so that we could give students a voice, so I was more than ready to take on the project.  I was then told I had to use Wordpress, since the IT lady had pre-purchased themes already so we might as well take advantage of them.

How hard could this be, right?

I had used WordPress in the past, for blog post editing in my past internship, but didn’t realize that actually creating an entire site was another story. Still, I was determined to impress my boss with a killer design and was excited to get started.

I soon found out that the back-end of Wordpress was far from user-friendly and there was thousands of plug-ins available. I spent hours researching how to make things look like I wanted them to and how to carefully choose the right plugin (you have to make sure the plugin is updated and compatible with your version of Wordpress).

I am not saying it’s impossible to create a great looking website on Wordpress, it’s most certainly possible; there is just a slight learning curve that comes with it. This is not to mention the constant plug in updates and ongoing Wordpress updates.

Nowadays there is a lot more user-friendly web hosting platforms like Squarespace!

But how do you know if Squarespace is for you?

In general, if you are a creative entrepreneur, small business owner, photographer, or blogger then Squarespace can be a good fit. If you are a bigger company, sell a lot of products online, or want to create a membership site then Squarespace might not be your best option.

I do want to mention that there is other web hosting platforms like Wix and Weebly that are catered to non-coder/non techies. This being said, I stand by Squarespace as being the best out there in terms of ease of use + flexibility and customization.

Let’s review a few concrete reasons on why I would suggest for you to go with Squarespace vs. Wordpress:

·      You are not very tech savy

·      You don’t want to spend time worrying about making sure your site is up-to-date and secure

·      Your business does not revolve around selling a huge amount of online products

·      Want an all in one platform

·      Love the idea of having a dedicated 24/7 support team

So let’s dive a little deeper into each of these points.

#1: You are not very tech savy

Squarespace back-end is very user friendly and makes it simple to drag and drop items such as text boxes, images, newsletter, forms, social icons, and much more. Of course there is still some getting used to if you’ve never seen a Squarespace back- end, but it’s much simpler to adapt to than other platforms. You can even make a Squarespace template as customizable as you’d like (it wont be looking like your demo page template once you’re done) with no code at all! Although Squarespace is a closed source platform it does have a Custom CSS area where you can apply some code for extra tweaks.

#2: You don’t want to spend time worrying about making sure your site is up-to-date and secure

Like your phone, Wordpress has constant updates that need to be installed, but unlike your phone clicking the update button is not all you do. When Wordpress pushes out theses updates to your dashboard you have to click the update button but also have to make sure your theme and plugins are up to date. Since plugins are from a third party developer, they may not be so quick to launch a plugin update that work with the new Wordpress update. This can cause performance, user, or even security issues for your website.

#3: Your business does not revolve around selling a huge amount of online products

Squarespace does offer online store plans and everything but if your business is primarily centered around e-commerce I would definitely recommend other platforms such as Shopify . Shopify is purely e-commerce focused therefore offers more advanced options for your online store.

#4: Want an all in one platform

How great would it be if you could buy your domain name, host it, create your website, create a business gsuite email, allow customers to book consults with you, and integrate your email marketing platform all in one platform?

Well Squarespace does that for you! You can literally do all that through Squarespace. No need to buy your domain then have it hosted somewhere then start designing your website then have to go purchase a professional gmail through google. This is not to mention that you get a free domain and professional gmail when you purchase the year plan.

#5: Love the idea of having a dedicated 24/7 hour support

It’s crazy how nowadays our computers allow us to work from anywhere and at any given point in time. This is why 24/7 support is more important than ever plus who doesn’t like a fast turn around time?

Squarespace offers live chat between 4AM-8PM Eastern Time M-F + email is available 24/7. The Squarespace support team is very responsive and will get back to you within an hour. But most of the time your questions can be answered via their massive library of guides, videos, workshops, and forums. 

I hope this helped in case you were on the fence on whether or not Squarespace is right for you whether you are looking to launch a website or move an existing one over.

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below or emailing me at


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