How To Figure Out What You Stand For As A Brand Or Person


If you could boil down your believes about your life and business into three core value what would they be?

Answering this question for myself has given me so much clarity so here’s the whole back story:

Back in August, I made an investment in myself and my business by hiring a brand coach. During the two hour intensive with my coach we covered a lot but the most impactful things I got out of it were 1) My vision and 2) My core values.

Wait, are you new here? I wrote these blog posts to help you out in your biz:


My vision:

Support stuck but relentless dreamers to create a business that gives them the freedom to reconnect with themselves, explore their passions, and build a fulfilling life.

What had to happen in order for this to be my vision was basically everything I experienced in life to this point.

As an immigrant, I definitely have not had things handed to me but instead, I created the life I thought was expected of me. I did the whole college, corporate sales job, living in L.A life but then realized that was not my path.

My vision has been twenty-five years in the making.

So, here it is:

#1: Create your reality (life design)

One sentence summary:
 Anyone has the power to create their reality by creating a business around what brings them the most joy + fulfillment.

Proof points:

  • Your reality is created by your perception of what is possible and only you have control over what you think is possible for yourself.

  • Study the life of the person you look up to the most then outline an action plan for yourself.

  • Become the version of yourself that has the life you want by embodying her thoughts, emotions, habits, and behaviors every single day.


One sentence summary:
 Being authentic is not only about being true to yourself but being true to others.

Proof points

  • Only pursue that which is aligned with yourself and your values.

  • When you do the right thing then your version of success and fulfillment are bound to happen for you.

  • The only way to make an impact is to explore your passions.

 Personal Growth

One sentence summary: Life is all about seeking growth and having the courage to take action regardless of fear.

Proof points:

  • View life as an experiment, not a test… it’s not a pass or fail but a “live and learn”.

  • Enjoy the journey and be ok being where you are at this moment because growth only comes from the process, not the result.

  • If you’re not actively seeking growing then you will remain stagnant.

Everything I write about whether it’s branding, business, travel, or life has to do with those three core values.

Your core values are the criteria that guide the decisions you make throughout your life + business at every level, now and as you/it grows. They are the common threads that run through the way you run your business, visuals, messaging and client interactions.

They are what must be present for you to feel aligned and what you stand for as a business and person.

Here are some examples:

Collaboration, Hope, Integrity, Intention, Excellence, Encouragement, Personal Growth, Authenticity, Dependability, Reliability, Loyalty, Commitment, Open-mindedness, Consistency, Honesty, Efficiency, Innovation, Creativity, Self-discovery, Good humor, Compassion, Spirit of adventure, Motivation, Positivity, Optimism, Passion, Respect, Courage. Education, Perseverance, Patriotism, Service to others, Environmentalism, etc…

So what do you stand for?

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